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Invisalign® in Morris and Sussex Counties, NJ

Rockaway Dental Center provides patients with a beautiful smile with the most efficiency by offering Invisalign® in Morris and Sussex Counties, NJ. Our dedicated dental practice has spent over 30 years performing superior dental services in a warm, family-friendly one-stop shop.

We provide the Invisalign® solution to produce your best smile. You’ll enjoy the ease and convenience of Invisalign® aligners applied by our dental professional in accommodating family practice.

girl trying on invisible braces or trainer

How Does Invisalign® Work?

The Invisalign® solution is designed with cutting-edge 3D technology and decades of orthodontic research for superior results. Invisalign® consists of aligners or clear plastic trays that fit over teeth. The trays work gradually over time, gently and methodically moving your teeth into the position set by your dentist. Invisalign® is the most efficient and calibrated aligner solution out there.

The Prime Benefits of Invisalign®

Patients absolutely love Invisalign®. Here’s why:


Invisalign® is designed with 3D technology to precisely fit your specific set of teeth. Your aligners will adjust to the changing conditions of your mouth as your teeth shift to their intended place. From beginning to end, Invisalign® follows your timeline and treatment plan and can pivot seamlessly to meet the changing demands of your teeth.


Invisalign® aligners work gradually over nine months to a year to produce your ideal smile. Aligner trays are long-lasting, replaced about every two weeks, and taken out only for eating, flossing, and brushing your teeth. Your aligner trays work silently day and night so you can focus on other aspects of your daily life.


Many patients prefer Invisalign® because it is virtually pain-free and uncomplicated. Unlike other teeth alignment solutions, Invisalign® requires no surgery or procedures. Invisalign® is a non-invasive solution applied quickly. After application, you can live your life without recovery or downtime. If you're wary of undergoing an expensive, painful or inconvenient surgery, then Invisalign® may be right for you.

woman a the dentist smiling

The Invisalign® Timeline

Aligner trays are replaced approximately every two weeks, with complete alignment occurring between nine and 15 months after application. During your timeline, we recommend scheduling appointments with us every six weeks so we can check up on your application and monitor your progress.

Schedule Your Personalized Consultation Today

The perfect set of teeth awaits you. By scheduling a customized consultation, you’ll begin the journey towards a brighter, more beautiful, and more confident smile with our trusted dentist. Schedule a consultation to find out if Invisalign® is the right solution for you.

Schedule a Customized Consultation Today