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Teeth Whitening in Northern, NJ

A radiant, stunning smile is on its way. Rockaway Dental Center provides innovative treatments for teeth whitening in Morris and Sussex County, NJ. We’re a one-stop-shop dental practice that’s proudly brightened the smiles of countless patients for over 30 years. We offer our Smile Perfected Whitening System in our warm, family-friendly office, or you can enjoy whitening at your own pace with a take-home whitening kit. Pick your preference by scheduling a free consultation today.

woman at dentist for teeth examination

“Introducing the Smile Perfected Whitening System

Are you tired of darkened or discolored teeth preventing you from smiling during the happiest moments of your life? If so, the Smile Perfected Whitening System is here to help.

The patented Smile Perfected Whitening System is a tooth bleaching and whitening system that lightens discoloration almost instantly. Smile Perfected Whitening can be performed in our comfortable office by a seasoned dental professional, or you can take home a tooth whitening kit to brighten your teeth at your convenience. A single treatment can whiten your teeth in multiple shades.

How Does Venus Teeth Whitening Work?

We start the process by meeting with you during a customized consultation. We’ll evaluate the intensity of your tooth discoloration and develop an effective treatment plan based on what we find.

During your appointment, our dentist applies retainers to your teeth coated with the Smile Perfected gel. Treatments are quick and efficient, generating exceptional results almost instantly.

You can take home your retainers to continue your teeth whitening at home, or we can design and customize bleaching treys based on a mold of your teeth. Our Smile Perfected Whitening System starter kits include three gel-filled syringes that can last for half a year, depending on the amount of use.

Take a Teeth Whitening Kit With You

We love having you at our office, but if you prefer whitening your teeth in the comfort and convenience of your home, we can help. Our take-home whitening kits are a quick, effective solution that you can use at any time.

Take-home trays can be applied at your convenience. Feel free to wear them for a couple of hours each day or overnight as you sleep. Home whitening kits are endlessly customizable and allow you to brighten your teeth on your schedule.

Our team is here to fulfill your teeth whitening needs to your complete satisfaction at home and in the office.

Customized Consultations Designed Just for You

We are excited for you to discover and experience the Venus whitening solution for yourself. Schedule a personalized consultation with our dental expert, and we’ll form a plan to achieve a radiant smile.

Schedule a Customized Consultation Today